The Democracy Forum

The Forum was established in 2009 by Mr Sarup Singh Seehra, President of the High Wycombe Gurdwara, and the late Mr J S Bains, a councillor and social worker in Slough. It was the vision of former headteacher Mr. Ajit Singh Sat-Bhambra. Our first patron was Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, and the Forum’s current president is Lord Charles Bruce. Previous chairs and vice-chairs have included Nigel Huddleston MP, Sir Peter Luff, and the late Sir Mota Singh.


The Democracy Forum is a not-for-profit NGO which promotes ideals of democracy, pluralism and tolerance through public debate. While many of us in the West take such ideals for granted, they must be nurtured if we are not to lose them. To this end, for the past ten years The Democracy Forum has provided a platform for people from all sections of society and cultural backgrounds to get together to discuss socio-political issues that affect us all. In an increasingly volatile world, one of our principal aims is to challenge religious and political extremism,ten

What We Do

The Forum hosts three to four annual public seminars and discussion groups on topics related to democratic values and composite culture. We invite academics, journalists and other experts to participate.

Our Aim

Through ongoing public debate, our aim is to establish a more democratic, accountable and inclusive platform for policy development and a more respectful, open and tolerant global society in which diverse cultural, religious and ethnic groups can flourish.

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