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Braaifellas -
A south African catering company

London Kreatives has done complete branding and website development for Braaifellas – A south African Catering Company. If you are looking for professional website development in London, please get in touch.

Braaifellas - A south African catering company

Mark currently owns an award winning Biltong company called Billytong.

With a passion for braai, South African desserts and collaboration, BraaiFellas was born.

He wanted a simplistic, but high quality menu filled with braai dishes, with salads and desserts.

He wanted a menu to suit all tastes and occasions.

He wanted to collaborate, and we catered for some large Zimbabwe and Caribbean catering events, and realized that everyone loves meat on the braai, so have created a South African/Caribbean soul food menu with some examples of what we do below.

He offer gluten free wraps, burgers and vegetarian options.

You’ll understand and fully appreciate an old South African saying: “Magies vol, ogies toe”, meaning stomach full, eyes closed, after finishing of your plate of scrumptious delicacies.

We understood his requirements for a website for his catering business . And you can see the final results .



London Kreatives has designed and developed website for Designed their website from scratch. Make sure the website has elegant look and responsiveness. We’re always excited to partner with forward-thinking brands to create digital impact, and this was an opportunity for us to be of service.


Braaifellas – A south African catering company




Catering Business


London, United Kingdom


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    Shalini developed website for our business and we look forward to work with her for other initiatives that include digital marketing. It was an exceptional experience that involved delight to get high quality output in a very time bound manner. It would be worthwhile to mention that she captured all our business requirements quickly and we never had to clarify or repeat. She demonstrated the needed leadership to suggest fit for purpose solutions and worked to conclude the business requirement effectively & efficiently. We can not thank her enough and would recommend her very highly.

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